Selina Hayes (San Diego)

The Resume

Selina is Endsight’s senior business development, operations, capture and proposal consultant with over 20 years experience in USG contracting.  She was most recently posted in Stuttgart as Director for Middle East, Europe, and Africa for a large USG contractor where she won various US AFRICOM and EUCOM solicitations for IT / CITS / C4, and leading a $350 million recompete win in 2014.

She is experienced in national security, intelligence, civ-mil, and ICT programs, as well as humanitarian and women’s issues.  In addition to her work with Endsight, she is on the board of Invisible Children and is the CEO of Hayes Group International, which implements Africa-related programs.  Selina has an MBA and MA in International Relations from the University of San Diego and BA from George Washington University. 

The Person

Selina hails from Sydney, Australia and has a rolodex like a three-pound phone book.  She is frequently found running around the African bush – but always in 6-inch stiletto heels.  She can stare down a tough Nigerian negotiator without blinking, then charm him after winning the deal.  She is a mom to four great kids and runs a lot on the treadmill during conference calls.