Recommended Associates

The Endsight team is small – by design – so if we are not an exact fit or if we need a little help, we have a global network of recommended professional that we can tap, as needed, to provide our clients the technical support they require.  You can also contact them directly.  Here are our favorites:

JEFFERSON WATERMAN INTERNATIONAL (Washington DC) specializing in government relations; advisory services to foreign governments on security, intelligence, policy, etc.

PETER SKANGOS (President, Tipping Point, Washington DC) specializing in State Department capture and proposal, USG contracting, and staff augmentation programs.

*EMMA RICH (Business Development Manager, Shanghai, China) specializing in Sino-Latin American trade, product development, manufacturing, and relations. 

*ZENIA LEWIS (Policy Advisor, African Development Bank, Washington DC) specializing in US-Africa trade and investment strategy. 

*MARIUS RATOLOJANAHARY (Former Minister of Agriculture, Madagascar; Consultant, Washington DC) specializing in agriculture, agribusiness, and food security; national government advisory.   

BEN ELDRIDGE (Catholic Relief Services, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania) specializing in infrastructure, donor relations, and business development, both for contracts and cooperative agreements. 

BILL CAVANAUGH (President, WDC Consulting, Washington DC) specializing in the capture and proposal for large USG contracts.

HANS CARLSON (President T-Zero Consulting, Washington) specializing in USG contracting, satellite and space launch markets, ITAR, Russia, India.

DAVID L. ROSS (Managing Director, Statera Capital & Managing Director-Frontier Markets, AlphaSource Capital Securities LLC, New York City) specializing in private equity and investments in Africa

BRIAN BALTIMORE (Southern Africa) Advisor on Project/Infrastructure, Finance, Power/Energy, Development Finance (WB, AfDB, ADB, USAID, MCC), Sub-Saharan Africa and Afghanistan.

CASSIA PACHEO (US Chamber of Commerce, Washington) specializing in Brazilian transactions, infrastructure, MCC, and Lusaphone Africa.

HAKEEM ADENIJI-ADELE (Microsoft, Lagos, Nigeria) specializing in Nigerian banking, IT, and government relations.

*Denotes Endsight alumni.