Emma Wareus

The Resume:

Emma is Endsight’s Consulting Assistant. Hailing from Botswana, Emma is currently the Brand Ambassador for the Botswana Investment and Trade Center (BITC) where she promotes investment and industry development and represents the national brand of Botswana. Before starting her undergraduate degree, Emma was a national youth representative to the African Union for 2 years where she met annually with leaders of the continent to discuss economic development issues for the African youth.  In 2010, Emma was Miss Botswana and finished First Runner-Up at the Miss World 2010/2011 competition.

She is currently an International Affairs major at George Washington University with a double concentration in International Development and International Politics, with a minor in Economics.  Emma will graduate in the Spring 2016. She is a native English speaker, fluent in Setswana and Afrikaans, and comprehensive in French.

The Person:

Emma has a deep passion for travel. Most weekends she is jet setting off to a different city in various parts of the world to enjoy new food, meet new people, and share in different cultures. She loves reading and listening to some good old Miles Davis and John Coltrane.