Agribusiness feasibility studies

Endsight provides data-driven analysis with the insights to guide your next agribusiness venture.  We specialize in feasibility studies for agro-processing facilities, and have evaluated everything from farm equipment dealerships to safari hunting operations.

Value addition, such as food processing, is still an untapped commercial opportunity in Africa with high potential margins.  But pulling off a successful new project isn’t easy.  You have to do your homework.  Each country, crop, product, financing model etc. presents its own unique challenges.  We assemble the right mix for your success.

Endsight thrives in complex Africa environments where projects often require leapfrog technology solutions to drive innovation; hybrid investor and donor financing to maximize development impact; and multi-national management teams to accelerate efficiency and skills transfer. 

Endsight feasibility studies can get you off on the right foot – or if your project won’t work…we’ll tell you!