Millennium Challenge

Endsight is the premier consulting firm for MCC qualification and programs – bar none

The MCC model of international development is proving to be a source of innovation, accelerated progress, and smart use of aid dollars.  MCC’s emphasis on “country ownership” to qualify for, design, and implement programs incentivizes countries to step up with a seriousness not found in other aid programs. 

Endsight founder, Matthew McLean was Chief of Staff and Vice President of MCC during its growth years (2005-2009).  Prior, he conducted extensive oversight on MCC for the US Congress and participated in some of the early discussions that formulated the program.

Matt is now the world’s leading advisor to countries on MCC programs.  For example, he began working with Cote d’Ivoire in 2011 when it passed just five of 20 MCC indicators.  Under the Endsight methodology, Cote d’Ivoire improved dramatically and was selected for a Threshold program in 2014 and was selected for a full Compact program in 2015 – now passing 13 indicators.

Similarly, Matt started working with Togo in early 2015, helping it to rapidly increase its performance to be selected for a Threshold program by the end of the year.  We are helping these and other countries design and implement their programs. 

Our team conducts deep and thorough analysis on each of the 20 indicators that enables us to customize our methodology to any country aspiring to improve their indicator scores.