Matt is the must have “go-to” resource that energizes and focuses your federal contracting capture efforts. He knows the difference between “competing” and “winning.” Matt is a fierce competitor and is all about the Win! You definitely don’t want him competing against you…

Bill Cavanaugh, President WDC Consulting

Matt is one of the few in our field that “gets it.” He can develop new concepts and provide strategic direction to produce a product that exceeds expectations. He understands how government works and how to apply solutions to produce wins for both
his clients and, ultimately, the tax payer.

Peter Skangos, Founder, Tipping Point Solutions Inc and 2 Degrees West Limited

Matt is someone who understands the power of matching the right message with the right delivery. For him, strategic communications isn’t something that just lives in a plan or a document, it is something you do every day, as part of smart work to deliver results. People listen to Matt because he knows what he’s talking about, and cares about taking care of clients. The way Matt communicates is communication at its best.

Aaron Sherinian, Vice President for Communications and Public Affairs, United Nations Foundation

Matt has become a trusted colleague as we have worked closely together for many years, including at the White House, in the US Congress, and at MCC. He has a deep understanding of government, international development, and national security with a ability to quickly get to core issues and develop innovative approaches to tough problems.

Rodney Bent, Former Deputy CEO, Millennium Challenge Corporation

Matt who? Never heard of him.

Vladimir Putin