USG and International Contracting

The decade of big warfighting and reconstruction budgets is over.  Federal contracting is down and competition over the scraps is rough.  You either need to find new markets for your services or sharpen your winning formula – or both.  Endsight can smarten up your capture and tighten up your proposals to USG agencies, such as State, USAID, DOD, MCC and others to win new sources of revenue.

Winning contracts is a little art and a little science – and a lot of grinding through the process.  And let’s face it, you don’t actually want to do it.  Let Endsight pick up either a little or all of your next bid process.  But remember, winning bids start early.

Our services include:

If you would like to see some of the contract bids we’ve led or worked on, see the “Contract Bids for Clients” page or click here.