Endsight Consulting


Endsight Consulting is the leading firm in the world to help countries qualify for the Millennium Challenge program (US), which results in hundreds of millions of USD in grant money – plus a seal of good performance for the country and increased political clout for its leadership. We already have all the data and calculations for the 20 MCC indicators to guide actions. We have done it before, and we don’t guess.

Endsight also has its proprietary 36-indicator methodology to measure a country’s competitiveness to attract private business and investment – then provide a plan to fix weak areas. For investors, the data identify risk areas and we provide a mitigation plan to make a deal viable.

Endsight was founded in 2011 by Matthew McLean. Before Endsight, he served 20 years in US Government service, including as the Chief of Staff and Vice President of MCC as well as a White House staff advisor to Presidents Clinton and Bush on international development and Africa. Matt is deeply familiar with government and business operations in Africa and is comfortable working at the technical level all the way up to CEOs and national leaders.

Endsight operates out of Washington DC with an office for research and consulting in Casablanca, Morocco.