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Endsight guides countries to raise their national performance to increase donor funding and private investment

Money follows performance: Donor money seeks to achieve outcomes that benefit people in developing countries and Private Investment seeks to achieve a Return on Investment from a quality project. Every country thinks they perform better than it actually does, creating a blind spot that is readily visible to foreign sources of funding.

“We don’t guess.” Endsight has massive data from over 50 international indicators used by donors, businesses, and investors. For the Millennium Challenge Corporation and its 20 indicators, we already have every formula, calculation, survey questions, and detail. This data enables us to reconstruct any country’s current score, simulate target scores, and chart a roadmap of actions to win an MCC Compact and the associated award of $400-600 million USD.

Further, Endsight uses its proprietary Country Performance Index, which produces detailed profiles of Low- and Middle-Income Countries based on factors important to the private sector. With this broader data, we build a pathway for a country to achieve greater private inflows – based on customized strategies for a county to increase opportunities and reduce risk. (See below)

Clients have included leaders at the highest level in the governments of Cote d’Ivoire, Senegal, DR Congo, Ghana, Togo, and Niger.

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Endsight and our partners facilitate business engagement for international companies looking to expand into Frontier Markets

We provide reference services in support of international companies to enable privileged access to high-level contacts and decision makers in several African countries.

Given our depth of experience in the African markets, we help identify, assess, and develop projects in the interests of the client. We developed a proprietary “Opportunity Checklist” and “Bankability Checklist” to stop chasing ghost projects to save you time and money. On promising projects, we assist in navigating the requirements of the host government.

For bankable projects, we facilitate financing, which may include lenders such as Export Credit Agencies and International Financial Institutions. Services may also include funding from donor grants and equity from private investors.

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Endsight gets you moving in the right direction.

Endsight’s new business intelligence services support both public and private clients. We have several data feeds from all ends of the industry spectrum that turn data into actionable insights to keep our clients ahead of the game.

For private clients, our business intelligence helps anticipate opportunities and risks, keep an eye on the competition, and maximize the impact when entering a new market.

For public clients, we keep leaders aware of business and investment interests in their countries and among regional competitors that can feed into strategies to target particularly investments. The intelligence also helps to design an outreach strategy to key businesses and investors.


Endsight Consulting created the Country Performance Index (CPI) to measure the competitiveness of each of the 54 African countries and of the 78 countries that are Middle Income and high-performing Low-Income Countries, to attract private business and investment.

CPI uses 36 international indicators from reputable sources divided evenly into three categories:
1) Business Conditions,
2) Financial Factors, and
3) Governance.

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Winning proposals have great solutions. Seventy percent of the work for a winning proposal occurs during capture; writing the proposal should be the easy part. Winning is only complicated when you start late and haven’t done your homework before the pen hits the paper.

Endsight has developed winning proposals for dozens of US government (DoD, State, USAID, MCC) and international contracts. We help our clients develop innovative solutions and effectively communicate them in winning proposals. We have expert capture managers, proposal managers, technical writers, graphic artists, and color team reviewers to ensure your proposal makes the competition irrelevant.

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